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The Best Looking Custom Cover For Your Metal Baseboard Heaters That You Will Find Anywhere!!


Panel Front Cover

Cherry Baseboard Heater Cover

Ogee Top Cover in Cherry

Reversed Ogee Top Cover

Reversed Ogee Top Cover

Round Top Baseboard Heater Cover

Round Top Cover

Baseboard Heater Covers from Sunrise Woodwork are Custom Made to the Exact Sizes You Need

Custom Wood Baseboard Heater Covers from Sunrise Woodwork are easy to install, come in several styles and finishes and look better than anything else you will find.
They are Furniture Quality, and made to order by a cabinet maker with nearly 40 yrs. experience.

How to Order

The order form is designed to allow you to specify all your choices easily,  receive a price for your unique needs, and place your custom order quickly.

Please click through the green tabs below to  familiarize yourself with how to measure correctly, and all the choices available to you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, or use the blue information button below. I will do all I can to help.

All orders include an interactive instruction Booklet via download, as well as a Printer Friendly version.

Click on the Green Tabs below to see all you need to know to enter your information in the order form

How To Order
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  • Give Each Heater Cover a Name

    Each Heater Cover should have its own name or number to identify it.
    This makes it easy for you to know what goes where when your order arrives, and it helps me keep track of things in the shop as well.

    For instance, If you have 3 heater covers going into your Living Room you could name them : Living Room 1, Living Room 2, and Living Room 3.
    If you have heater covers going into different rooms you could name them Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen etc.

  • What Style of Cover Do You Want?

    You can pick from several styles of baseboard heater cover. Choose the design that appeals to you. Also, The standard heater covers vent from the top. If your existing metal cover has a large solid top more than 2″ deep off the wall that may block air flow, and you  and you do not want to remove the metal covers entirely then you may need  a cover that vents from the front instead of the top. Let me know and I can alter the design to suit your needs.

    Not Sure What To Do?

    Contact me and we will sort it out

  • What Material Do You Want?

    • Our Custom wood heater covers are available in several choices of materials and finish.
    • Unfinished.
      You can choose to have it sent to you sanded, but unfinished, and ready for paint.
      Save money by applying the primer and color of your choice yourself.
    • Primed White
      Primed covers are given several coats of sanded primer for a beautiful and smooth surface, ready for your final color.
    • Satin White
      In addition to the sanded primer, the heater covers receive 2 final coats of satin white for a beautiful finish.
    • Rustic Pine
      The top and front of the Heater cover are made with pine, given a medium stain and mildly distressed and aged look, then finished with clear lacquer.
    • Finished or Unfinished Hardwood
      You can have your custom covers made in Cherry, Oak, Maple or Mahogany hardwoods
      The  Unfinished hardwood is sanded smooth and ready for you to stain and or apply your clear coat. Your hardwood cover can also be shipped already finished with 3 coats of clear satin lacquer for a beautiful and durable finish that really shows off the beauty of the wood.
  • Detail on Right and Left End

    Specify whether the Right End and Left End are Open or closed.

    If the metal baseboard meets a wall on the left or right end then you should enter an “open end” detail for that end.

    If the cover does not meet the wall, but  instead meets your baseboard moulding,  so that the end of the heater cover is visible then specify a “closed end” detail

    Baseboard Heater Cover - End Detail Open

    End Detail on Left End is Open

    Baseboard Heater Cover - End Detail Closed

    End Detail on Right End is Closed

  • How Are Your Walls Laid Out?

    In the section labeled Wall Layout in the order form below, click on the picture that matches the layout of your walls. After you make your selection the appropriate fields will open below it for you to enter the length of the walls.

    Take extra care if you are ordering a heater cover for an odd niche, or under a Bay window. Click on the section for Bay Windows for more information.

  • Length of New Heater Covers?

    After you choose your wall layout on the order form, the appropriate fields will open for you to enter the length of your walls.
    Enter the length of your wall, or walls in inches, written as a decimal, i.e. 50-1/4″ would be entered as 50.25

    If the end of the existing metal baseboard cover meets a wall (an open end detail), measure to the wall,
    if the end of the metal cover does not meet a wall, but instead meets your wooden base moulding (a closed end detail) measure to the edge of the base moulding.  The easiest way to do this is to slide the end cap on the metal cover up against the wooden baseboard moulding and measure to the end of the metal end cap.


    The CLOSED END CAPS on the new wooden heater covers are thicker than the existing metal covers and   require a space of at least 1/4″  between the side of the heat pipe and the wood base moulding.

    If you do not have the minimum space you will need to trim the wooden base moulding to allow the end caps to fit.

    A space of 3/8″ to 1/2″ is ideal.

    After you trim the base moulding to allow for the end cap, slide the metal cap up against the wood base moulding and measure the new length which includes the space.

    Another option is to  cut a notch the in the side of the endcap  so it can be laid over your moulding. If you tell me the size of the notch you need, I will cut it for you.

    Baseboard Heater Cover - End Detail Open

    Left end Open

    Baseboard Heater Cover - End Detail Closed

    Right End Closed

    measure length of heater cover

    When measuring for the length
    of your new heater cover
    be sure to include space
    for the thickness of the end cap.

    Measuring for Covers that go around corners

    Heater covers often wrap around a corner. Most corners are 90 degrees, sometimes 45 degrees, the can be  either an inside corner or an outside corner .

    Inside Corner - 90 degrees
    Inside Corner - 45 degree
    Outside Corner - 90 degrees
    Outside Corner - 45 Degrees

    When measuring at an outside corner, measure to the edge of the wall, not the metal cover.

    Special Cases

    The way baseboard heat is layed out in a home can sometimes be very unique.
    Here are some common situations and some tips to help you figure out the best way to design your Custom Wood Heater Cover.

    In the photo you see the metal cover (front piece removed) comes almost, but not quite to the door trim on the right. I looks best to have the wood cover meet the door trim without a space, so measure the wall length to the door trim.
    this would be a closed end. Check for 1/4″ clearance between the copper pipe and the door trim.

    There are 2 ways to handle the detail on the left end of this heater cover.
    You could specify a closed left end, and measure the the end of the metal cover.
    But this would leave a space that looks too small between the heater cover and the wall, also in this case you would need to repair the rough wall alongside the heater cover as it would show.

    A better way to treat this case would be to extend the heater cover further left, until it meets the wall, and specify an open end. However if you do this you will need to either trim the baseboard moulding on the left hand wall, or trim the front of the heater cover to meet the base moulding. I would trim the base moulding, it will give you a clean built-in look.

  • How Tall Should the Heater Cover Be?

    measure height of existing metal heat cover

    Enter the height in inches from the floor to the top of the existing  metal heater cover.
    Enter the height as a decimal. I will add 1/4″ to this number so there is a little space between the metal cover and the bottom of the new wood heater cover.

    The height in the photo is 7″ exactly so you would enter 7.0
    Measure the height in several places and enter the greatest height.

  • How Deep Should the Heater Cover Be?

    measure depth of existing metal heat cover

    Enter the distance in inches from the wall to the front of the metal heat fins.
    The depth in the photo is 2-7/8″ or 2.875, but it would be wise to add a little “breathing room” I would increase the depth to 3.0
    I will add 1/4″ to the number you give me to add a little space between the metal fins and the wood heater cover.

    Measure the depth in several places and enter the greatest depth.

  • Bay Windows

    Our heater covers look amazing under a bay window. If you are ordering a baseboard heater cover to fit under a bay window, take a few minutes to determine the correct details so that your covers will fit properly.

    In particular you need to determine 2 things.

    1 . After you choose the style of heater cover  and the material or finish you want on the order form, Browse the “Wall Layout” section and Choose the wall layout that matches your needs. This will open the correct lines for you to enter the length of the walls that will be covered by your new heater cover.

    The baseboard heat in your bay window may be laid out in a number of ways.  I have given selections for all the common scenarios. If you do not see a good fit for your needs use the information request form below to let me know, I will work with you to quickly design a solution for you.

    2 .  Determine if your bay window has 30 degree angle walls or 45 degree angle walls. Click the buttons  to download and print  drawings which you can use to determine which type of bay window you have.

  • Completing Your Order

    After adding the details of your order in the order form, click the “Add to Cart Button”
    You will be taken to your shopping Cart and you can verify the details as well as see the shipping cost for your order. If you are not taken to your shopping cart after clicking “add to Cart” take a look at your order form again, some fields are required and if you forget to enter a choice the form will not go to your cart until you correct it. They will be highlighted in red.

    If you want to order more than one heater cover click the back button in your browser, or the product image in your shopping cart order details,  to return to the product order form, then enter the details for your next heater cover and add it to your cart, the same way as the first cover.

  • Ordering More Than One Heater Cover

    You can order any number of Heater Covers on the same order.
    However, they must be added to the shopping cart one at a time.

    After you have added the first heater cover to your shopping cart,
    click the back button in your browser or the product image to return to the product order form, then enter the details for your next heater cover and add it to your cart, the same way as the first cover.

  • Delivery or Pickup?

    Our Shop is in Montgomery, NY

    Our Wooden Baseboard Heater covers can be made any length, but for shipping purposes they are made in sections up to 50″ long. The heater covers  are easily joined together on site.

    If you are near enough to our shop in Montgomery, NY, you can select local pickup as a shipping option in the shopping cart and you will not be charged shipping.

    Contact me and make arrangements to pick up your order when it is ready.

  • Installation

    Heater Covers from Sunrise Woodwork are easy to install.
    The cover can be made to any length by joining sections together. Normally they slide right on top of the back plate of your existing metal cover. If your metal covers have been removed, no worries. Just let me know and I will set you up with another way to install your new covers.

    Assembled section of a wood baseboard heater cover
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