Cabinetry & Mouldings

Cabinetry & Mouldings

Transform Your Home with Exceptional Cabinetry and Mouldings

Here you will find pictures and information featuring many beautiful architectural details showing how you can transform your home. You will see the many magnificent things I can do to increase the beauty and the value of your home.

Whether made of fine hardwoods such as cherry, walnut or oak, or beautifully painted to compliment your decor, mouldings and other architectural details can make your home feel rich and special.
Graceful crown mouldings, paneled wainscoting and nicely trimmed doors, windows and arches will transform a space, and make it beautiful and unique.
Replace the boring trim your builder used with a larger and thicker moulding. This is quality you can see and touch.
Well planned built in cabinetry can turn a cluttered room into a beautiful and functional home office, library or Media Center that is a pleasure to be in.

I will see your project through from start to finish.
I will create your custom design, produce scaled renderings, and complete an impeccable installation.

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