Custom covers for Baseboard heat

Making Baseboard Heater Covers

Making Baseboard Heater Covers

Custom covers for Baseboard heat

Custom Baseboard Heater Covers are Here!

I have been getting such an incredible response from people all over the country reading about a project I did a while back on making custom baseboard heater covers.

People want to know if they can get them for their own home, any size they want, and install them themselves.
YES, YES, and YES.

You can easily have a cover made to the exact dimensions you need, and have it shipped to your home.
Whether you need a straight cover for a small heater in your powder room, or if you have a long heater that wraps around 3 walls below your beautiful bay window seat, you can  order exactly what you need. And you have a choice of styles, woods and finishes too!

These are the nicest looking  baseboard heater covers you will find anywhere, and each of the several styles is made totally custom for you.
It is now possible to easily place an order for the exact size and style Baseboard Heater Cover you want, and in a choice of materials and finish options too.

This article shows a custom heater cover that I installed for my client.
As such, some of the details are different than they are for the heater covers that I ship for homeowners to install themselves.

If you would like to see more about the heater cover that you would receive if you place an online order, CLICK HERE




Even the nicest homes with wonderful trim details can sometimes have these Monstrosities........Metal covers for the baseboard heat.

Baseboard Heat Covers 01            Baseboard Heat Covers 02

Fortunately, there is always something that can be done, without having to remodel the central heating system of your home.
I drew up several treatments for my client. They wanted the baseboard heat to disappear as much as possible. We decided to the best way to do this was to integrate the baseboard moulding into the heater cover.

The first step as always is to measure up the rooms and draw up plans. Then the covers are made in my shop to size, and finished inside and out, with white paint in this case.

Custom covers for Baseboard heat

Assembly on the Bench

Custom covers for Baseboard heat

Ready to go to the spray room


the baseboard moulding is modified to allow for air flow

the baseboard moulding is modified to allow for air flow

The final result is worth the effort, the new heat covers blend in nicely, and will vent the heat very well.

Custom baseboard heat covers Custom baseboard heat covers Custom baseboard heat covers

If you would like to make your home more beautiful with the addition of custom woodwork, please contact me for an in-home appointment.
All my clients enjoy one on one personalized service.

Custom Baseboard Heater Covers are Here!

I have been getting such an incredible response from people all over the country reading about this project I did a while back on making custom baseboard heater covers.

People want to know if they can get them for their own home and install them themselves.
Well now you can!

I have been working hard to made this truly custom product available for purchase through my online store. Although it is a work in progress, it is now possible to easily place an order for the exact style and size Baseboard Heater Cover you want, and in a choice of materials too.

Some more Ideas

There are many ways to design an attractive wood cover. The metal fins of the heater can be concealed behind a panel, under a window seat or inside an nicely designed cover that is decorated with little panels, or faced with the same baseboard moulding as the rest of the room.
I usually remove the existing metal cover so that the new cover need not be too big. But it is important to keep a height close to the original metal cover so that the heat flows properly. These heat covers are like little chimneys and rely on a good flow of air, coming in at the bottom and out at the top. Just like a chimney, the air may not flow properly if they lack enough height. Usually about 7" - 8".

17 thoughts on “Making Baseboard Heater Covers

    1. tom Post author

      Hi Annette,
      thanks for your interest in my custom Baseboard Heater Covers. For a while now I have been making Custom heater covers and installing them myself, but so many people are asking for them now from all over the country that I have been working on making the heater covers available for purchase online. I have designed several styles that can be installed easily and look great.

      The heater covers are a custom product and every home will need different sizes and layouts. I am designing a product form to make it simple to order exactly what you need and in a choice of styles and materials. It is quite a project to be honest, and although it is still a work in progress, I have a working product page with a detailed order form up and running at:

      I am still getting photos together so not all styles are represented on the page yet, but you can enter all the details for your heater covers and see the cost and order the cover too.
      If you have a unique project that doesn’t seem to fit into the form well and would like some answers, you can use the Information request form on the bottom of the page to do that. You can use the form to ask me questions, send project details and also send photos and files to help explain the project.

      I hope you will look it over and let me know what you think, suggestions are welcome.
      also, feel free to contact me with any questions.

      Tom Andreas

  1. Jackie

    I love your Idea, always wanted to do a seat. Unable to do at this time but definitely want to change them out. thank you

  2. tom Post author

    Hi Jackie,
    Sometimes a project needs time to bake. When you are ready I will be here and ready to help. Best of luck and thanks for your comment

  3. Mark Vail

    Any issues regarding safety – as generally combustible materials have code requirements in terms of proximity to heat sources such as baseboards? Very curious. Great execution, they look wonderful.

    1. tom Post author

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for writing to ask about my custom wood baseboard heater covers.
      It is a good question and I am happy to offer some clarity.

      My wood covers are designed for hydronic (hot water) baseboards. There are no safety issues using the wood covers over you metal hot water heaters. The water temperature in a hot water system is about 160 – 180 degrees, well below what would cause a safety problem as far as igniting anything flammable.
      If this were not the case hot water baseboard heaters would be far too dangerous to put in your home. It is very common for curtains and such to be touching a baseboard heater and there is not a problem or many houses would have burst into flames long ago.

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  5. Joe

    Can you get into the fins easily to clean them out once in awhile? We have pets and the dust and hair need to be cleaned out about once a year.

  6. Tom Andreas- Sunrise Woodwork

    Hi Joe,
    The heater covers slide on over the backplate of the existing metal cover and can be lifted off to expose the metal fins.
    For Straight walls that are of manageable size this is very easy, for heater covers that are very long, or wrap around corners a second pair of hands may be needed. Sometimes for the larger covers it may be easier to poke the vacuum attachment through the upper slots (7/16″) and bottom slot (1″) for cleaning.

  7. Tom Andreas

    Hi Sandra,
    In normal operation the heater covers are not exposed to condensation. The heated air is very dry.
    If the wood heater covers are in a bathroom, and there is a lot of moisture from a steamy shower, that could be an issue if it is extreme to the point where the cover is wet most of the time, or is sitting in a puddle.
    But my covers (if I do the finish) get a very durable finish, and will hold up as well as any high quality cabinet would.
    tom a

  8. Lisa

    HI Tom, Do you make these covers and install them? Where are you located. I have one long wall of baseboard that is approximately 8ft – we are not handy so not sure what type of project we are getting into? Please advise

  9. Jen

    Hi Tom, I am trying to find a way to hide my baseboard heating in my Living Room, and came across your page! I want to install an electric fireplace and mount a TV above it and this wall has these ugly baseboard heaters! I live an hour away from you in Mahopac NY and was hoping you could help me with this project!! Look fwd. to hearing back!! Thanks! Jen

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