Wainscot Paneling

Wainscot Paneling

Wainscot divider with columns
Low wainscot window treatment with concealed heat
wainscot divider with built-in cabinet and column
Paneled wainscot divider with built-in cabinet & column
Fancy archway with wainscot in Foyer
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Take a Room to the Next Level

Wainscot paneling reaches from the floor to Chair rail height and improves a space in many ways. The horizontal and vertical lines can make a space feel longer and wider, and it also adds a whole new layer of visual interest. Also, it offers a great way to conceal ugly metal baseboard heaters.

Wainscot panels can be made either with true frames and panels,
(the panels being either raised or recessed)
or by applying moulding directly to your existing Sheetrock walls.
True frames and panels have more depth, and that gives a luxurious feeling of fullness, and a richness of detail.
Applied panels have less depth, but they greatly improve a space at a fraction of the cost of true frame and panel wainscot.
As with all my cabinetry and trim, this work can be done in select hardwoods or painted. The common woods are Cherry, Sepele Mahogany, Maple, and the Oaks; and there are a range of options regarding staining. The finish is typically 3 or 4 coats of lacquer.
Painting offers an even wider range of choices. Any color can be used, and the work can be glazed as well.


Low wainscot window treatment concealing baseboard heat
wainscot divider with built-in cabinet and column
Wainscot divider with columns
Paneled wainscot divider with built-in cabinet & column
Wainscot Paneling

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