The best Baseboard Heater Covers are made to order any way you need them, with many options for design and finish

A bench seat in front of a window can be a wonderful addition to a room, it can create an attractive and cozy place to sit and relax while looking outside at a pleasant scene. Often there are baseboard heaters on your exterior walls and that would plac

There are still a few Heirloom quality Turned Wood Christmas Trees available. I have been so busy in my shop that I have been very late getting these last trees listed on my site. This is the first Christmas that I have my new shop fully up and running

Hand Turned Wooden Christmas Trees

First, a short apology…. It has been a couple of years since I have offered any new Hand Turned Christmas Trees for sale on my site. And what a very busy and exciting few years they have been! So busy that I have not been able to set aside time to pi

Paneled Wood Baseboard Heater Cover in Cherry

Have It Your Way! I started making custom baseboard heater covers for some of my local clients. I would go to their homes, measure, and create a custom heater cover for them based on their own unique design requirements, and install them myself. When I

Assembled section of a wood baseboard heater cover

Download Interactive PDF Installation Instruction BookletDownload Printer Friendly PDF Installation Instruction Booklet You can use the buttons above to download detailed Installation Instructions for your convenience All of the Wood Baseboard Heater C

Taking the Red Out of Mahogany

Taking the Red Out My Client likes the grain of mahogany a lot and wants to use it for their new cabinetry, but they want the color to match their floors and mahogany is just a little too red. They want the wood to be less red, but they don’t want it d

Custom Baseboard Heater Cover with Panels

Custom Baseboard Heater Covers are Here! I have been getting such an incredible response from people all over the country reading about a project I did a while back on making custom baseboard heater covers. People want to know if they can get them

Baseboard Heat Concealed in Window Seat

They offer a cozy feel and they provide a great place to sit obviously, but they can also provide a lot of storage as well.

Painted Rustic Barnwood

Learn how to make new wood look like it’s old. Making “Antique” Barn Wood

Many Styles & Sizes – Custom Sizes Too! Maple, Mahogany, Cherry & Oak Natural or Dark Stain Red, White & Black

Antique Child's Rocking Chair

Bringing new life to an old friend. This old chair looks pretty sad right now. But this cute piece will be restored to bring joy to a new generation of children.

Hand Turned Wooden Christmas tree in Spalted maple

Here They Come! This year I have some very unique and beautiful trees to offer. It began last spring when I was driving to my shop one morning. For as long as I can remember there has been this very old and large sugar maple tree standing dead on the s

Secret Bookcase Door - Open

Just Like in the Movies Who wouldn’t want one of these? Behind the bookcase , the perfect place to conduct all your secret experiments. I have made several of these over the years. They work well and are one of my most fun projects.

Rustic Pine Shelving in Master Closet

Changing the Builders tired Flake Board Shelving for Something Unique and Wonderful. Rustic Pine Custom Cabinetry and Shelving.

Choose your favorite wood from American Cherry, Red Oak, Mahogany, or Maple Choose between natural color or wood beautifully stained in rich wood tones. Cherry Cherry is perhaps the most popular wood, and with good reason. It has a wonderful grain and

Creating a Rustic Pine Finish

My current project is a lot of fun. I am making shelving and cabinetry for a walk-in master closet. The fun part is in the finish. My client has chosen to have the work done in pine, with a rustic, old barn look. The wood will look old, and worn; but i

This is not just an awesome feat of craftsmanship, it is also an awesome feat of 18th century engineering.

2 Pieces in Natural Cherry

What Color is Natural Cherry, really? Lately I am getting questions on my site asking what color is natural cherry? The short answer is, it depends. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that natural cherry is less common than stained cherry, and p

Lidded Box in Maple

If you have a hand turned bowl, or lidded box that has lost its sparkle, and it is starting to look dull, no worries, read on.   The care for these items is easy, and I think enjoyable. Oil is rubbed into the wood with a soft cloth. Hand turned

Here are some of the finished trees.

I have to confess, I would make these trees even if no one wanted to buy them. But I  would have a lot of trees hanging around my house, and so would all my friends. Fortunately, these trees are so charming, that they are quite popular. I usually

Raised Panel Wainscot with Grand Arch

This is the difference that well designed woodwork can make in a home. A large archway with no trim on it looks bare and sterile. But with nicely proportioned panelwork on the walls and arch it is Grand. The wainscot adds a strong horizontal line which

Wooden Post with Garuda

Here is the very first post from my shop. Actually it is one of two shop posts, made long before computers or smart phones. But seriously, It is hewn by hand from white oak, The beams and struts that join to it are fixed with mortise and tenon joinery

Hand Turned lidded box in Spalted Maple

Here are the most recent of my turnings, There are some real gems here. I was very fortunate to come across a couple of very special logs. Click on the pics for more info….

A Fine Example of Some Fine Art in the Wood Shop I do a lot of work in my shop, designing and building cabinetry is labor intensive. But the shop is also a place of discovery and play. I handle a lot of materials, and a lot of tools. Often when I am wo

Dividers for Jewelry Drawers

I recently made a jewelry cabinet with 9 drawers, the drawers have a velvet bottom and several of the drawers will have a number of dividers. Very practical and a lot of fun to make. Here is how. first cut I chose a regular carbide saw blade for the wo

Custom covers for Baseboard heat

Custom Baseboard Heater Covers are Here! I have been getting such an incredible response from people all over the country reading about a project I did a while back on making custom baseboard heater covers. People want to know if they can get them

My clients had a nice wide niche set into the side wall of their office. It was over 10′ wide and a foot deep. It offered space for a lot of needed storage, but all that shelf space would really be a distraction to their peace of mind with the clutter

Most of my work incorporates mouldings. I love the rich detail they add. Often I need to make my own because the selection available for sale is so limited, especially in hardwood. I buy my lumber in the rough, it is dried in a kiln,but not smoothed or

hand turned wooden box in Apple wood

I think turned boxes are wonderful, I love to handle them. They can be a challenge to make as there are a number of steps and the difference between success and failure is small. 01Gnarly Apple Wood02Inside the Gnarly Apple Log03Getting Rounder04050607

hand turned wooden box in Pear wood

Featured today is one of those special pieces that really are just perfect! Everything came together so well, I consider it a little gem. It is cut from a very hard and fine grained piece of Pear wood that really holds the detail well and has taken an

Often it is the small things that make a project special. Here I am making wooden knobs for a small drawer. They are so pretty they beg to be touched.  

This is a great project, my client would like to make over 2 adjoining rooms, a living and family room. The house was built in the 1970’s and when I first saw it, still had the original mouldings from the builder…..very small, uninterestin

This cabinetry is made in knotty Alder, a common wood on the west coast. My client wanted some nice display shelves, as well as some pullout storage. Also as seen in the second photo,  I needed to conceal a large return air duct for the heat syste

I am very pleased to announce that Sunrise Woodwork has a whole new look, and much more to offer. Sunrise Woodwork has a totally remodeled website on the WordPress platform. The entire site is searchable, you can create your own user account and see th

One of my most favorite tools, the hand cabinet scraper. This tool is incredibly subtle, even elegant in its action. It is nothing more than a thin flat piece of of good tool steel, roughly the size and shape of  a file card. It cuts not with a ho