Hide the Clutter

Hide the Clutter

My clients had a nice wide niche set into the side wall of their office. It was over 10′ wide and a foot deep. It offered space for a lot of needed storage, but all that shelf space would really be a distraction to their peace of mind with the clutter it would bring.

Closet Doors 01
Closet Doors 03

Their home is contemporary with clean straight lines and light colors. We decided on a system of sliding doors to cover the new 1-1/4″ thick shelves. The new work would match the overall design theme of the home; smooth, flat doors with softly rounded but still square edges.

Here the doors and shelves are being sprayed with custom tinted lacquer paint for a flawless finish. The finish is the most time consuming part of the job. It requires 5 coats of paint and a lot of sanding to get a quality job.

Closet Doors 05

The sliding doors ride on a commercial grade track system mounted on a custom door head fitted to the sloping ceiling. The 6 doors ride on top quality ball bearing carriers for  years of effortless opening and closing.

Closet Doors 04

When all is done it looks as though it were always there. Which is just what is wanted.

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