Paneled Wood Baseboard Heater Cover in Cherry

Baseboard Heater Covers – Made Any Way You Need Them

Have It Your Way!

I started making custom baseboard heater covers for some of my local clients. I would go to their homes, measure, and create a custom heater cover for them based on their own unique design requirements, and install them myself.

When I wrote a post on my website describing one particular project, I was amazed at the response, so I decided to make a truly custom baseboard heater cover available for easy purchase online.
So that any homeowner could order a beautiful wood baseboard heater cover, and install it themselves.

I quickly realized just how many options there are with such a custom item, literally thousands of possibilities!
Luckily, the order form makes the process of placing an order easy.
99% of the possible options are right there for you to select.
Still, I often work directly with my online customers to modify things even more, often people write me because they need that other 1%.

My customers enjoy one on one attention, and the ability to get a custom baseboard heater cover that is unique to their own particular needs.


Custom Wood Baseboard Heater Covers under Bow Window
Custom Wood Baseboard Heater Covers under Bow Window

A remodeling company wanted to incorporate wooden baseboard heater covers for a project in Chappaqua, NY.
They wanted the covers to disappear as much as possible.

I suggested that they wrap the covers with baseboard moulding that matches the moulding used throughout the rest of the home.
I supplied the moulding and prepared the venting on the bottom for them.

The installation was easy and the results were impressive.

This was a simple request, but one that required one on one customer service.
The customer wanted an ogee top heater cover, a standard selection on the order form, but they wanted the shape on the top edge flipped upside down.
they also had a local trim carpenter wrap the cover with basemoulding for a totally built-in look.


This is the most popular style of heater cover, the paneled baseboard heater cover.
The difference here is that the customer needed it very tall. Ordering this custom size was as easy as typing in the height that was needed.

This project was for a designer who wanted a unique look for an apartment in mid-town Manhattan. We settled on a design inspired by the mission style. Soon to be a regular offering.

Wooden Baseboard Heater Covers from Sunrise Woodwork can be made in any size, and for any wall layout.

This is a beautiful heater cover. It is a standard paneled cover , made in cherry.
Just one of several finish choices available on the order form.
The new wood has several different colors right now, but in a short time it will all darken to a rich, reddish brown that cherry is so loved for.

3 thoughts on “Baseboard Heater Covers – Made Any Way You Need Them

  1. Chris

    How long will these last? Given they are wood – will they warp or decay from the heat release?

    Otherwise – looks amazing!

  2. tom Post author

    Hi Chris,
    I am happy to report that these wood heater covers will last a long, long, time. I have been making the covers for over 15 years, and I have not had one report of any problems at all. The wood tops and MDF fronts are not negatively affected by the warm, dry conditions, and neither is the lacquer finish I use.
    Dry is fine, damp, not so good. These are made like quality furniture and with reasonable care they will last the life of your home.
    Buy them once, enjoy them forever! (that’s what I say)
    tom a


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