Hand Turned Wooden Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees 2020 – A Limited Edition

Christmas Trees 2020 – A Limited Edition Hand Turned Wooden Christmas Trees

First, a short apology....

It has been a couple of years since I have offered any new Hand Turned Christmas Trees for sale on my site.
And what a very busy and exciting few years they have been!
So busy that I have not been able to set aside time to pick through my wood pile for unusual and promising hunks of wood, and stand in front of my lathe for a while, turning them into something beautiful.

In that time I have helped renovate my daughter’s first home, sold my own home, bought another home with an amazing barn, begun renovating the somewhat run down farm house, and renovated that amazing barn into my new shop, and welcomed into the world my grandson!

All Great Stuff!

All aspects of my life and business are bustling, but I really love making these turned wood Christmas Trees, and I have missed them, and so have a few of my loyal customers who have been buying some of the trees and building their own little forest over the years.
There are a number of people who have come back each year to buy some, and lately I have had none to offer.
I am sorry.

So I have made a point to make the time to turn a few and offer them to you.
They are fun to make and I find it exciting to see them come into being.
From a gnarly piece of wood to a polished heirloom.

Here is the first batch, perhaps the only batch for 2020.
The wood is amazing.
All of it is from old tress that the storms have blown down, and that I have snatched up, cut into pieces, and stored.
I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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