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Sunrise Woodwork designs, builds and installs unique

Cabinetry and Woodwork

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Handmade Monitor Stands, File Racks, Printer Stands & Paper Cabinets

Home and Office

Truly Handmade

Wooden Bowls, Lidded Jars and Unique Giftware Turned from Local Trees

Artisan Giftware


custom cabinetry details

Built-in Cabinetry
Sunrise Woodwork will design, build and install Hand made Cabinetry for your Home Office, Bar or Media Center

paneled wainscot collonade

Moldings & Trim
Enrich your Home with incredible Mouldings for your doors and windows and Wainscot paneling for your walls.

handturned wood

Turned Wood
Browse our store for unique hand turned Wooden Bowls & Lidded Wood Boxes turned from the wood of local trees

handmade wooden monitor stands

For Your Office
Unique Handmade Monitor Stands, File Racks, Printer Stands and 2 Drawer Paper Cabinets

Hand Turned Wooden Christmas Trees

Tom Andreas is a Woodworker & Designer
Sunrise Woodwork is proud to showcase his unique and wonderfully crafted work which ranges from Built-in Cabinetry for an amazing Home Library or Media center to Artisan Giftware turned on a lathe from the wood of local trees.

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