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Hand Turned Wooden Christmas Trees

First, a short apology…. It has been a couple of years since I have offered any new Hand Turned Christmas Trees for sale on my site. And what a very busy and exciting few years they have been! So busy that I have not been able to set aside time to pi

Hand Turned Wooden Christmas tree in Spalted maple

Here They Come! This year I have some very unique and beautiful trees to offer. It began last spring when I was driving to my shop one morning. For as long as I can remember there has been this very old and large sugar maple tree standing dead on the s

2 Pieces in Natural Cherry

What Color is Natural Cherry, really? Lately I am getting questions on my site asking what color is natural cherry? The short answer is, it depends. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that natural cherry is less common than stained cherry, and p

Lidded Box in Maple

If you have a hand turned bowl, or lidded box that has lost its sparkle, and it is starting to look dull, no worries, read on.   The care for these items is easy, and I think enjoyable. Oil is rubbed into the wood with a soft cloth. Hand turned

Here are some of the finished trees.

I have to confess, I would make these trees even if no one wanted to buy them. But I  would have a lot of trees hanging around my house, and so would all my friends. Fortunately, these trees are so charming, that they are quite popular. I usually

Hand Turned lidded box in Spalted Maple

Here are the most recent of my turnings, There are some real gems here. I was very fortunate to come across a couple of very special logs. Click on the pics for more info….

hand turned wooden box in Apple wood

I think turned boxes are wonderful, I love to handle them. They can be a challenge to make as there are a number of steps and the difference between success and failure is small. 01Gnarly Apple Wood02Inside the Gnarly Apple Log03Getting Rounder04050607

hand turned wooden box in Pear wood

Featured today is one of those special pieces that really are just perfect! Everything came together so well, I consider it a little gem. It is cut from a very hard and fine grained piece of Pear wood that really holds the detail well and has taken an

Often it is the small things that make a project special. Here I am making wooden knobs for a small drawer. They are so pretty they beg to be touched.