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Month: April 2015

My clients had a nice wide niche set into the side wall of their office. It was over 10′ wide and a foot deep. It offered space for a lot of needed storage, but all that shelf space would really be a distraction to their peace of mind with the clutter

Most of my work incorporates mouldings. I love the rich detail they add. Often I need to make my own because the selection available for sale is so limited, especially in hardwood. I buy my lumber in the rough, it is dried in a kiln,but not smoothed or

hand turned wooden box in Apple wood

I think turned boxes are wonderful, I love to handle them. They can be a challenge to make as there are a number of steps and the difference between success and failure is small. Gnarly Apple WoodInside the Gnarly Apple LogGetting Rounder Turning the i

hand turned wooden box in Pear wood

Featured today is one of those special pieces that really are just perfect! Everything came together so well, I consider it a little gem. It is cut from a very hard and fine grained piece of Pear wood that really holds the detail well and has taken an

Often it is the small things that make a project special.  Here I am making wooden knobs for a small drawer. They are so pretty they beg to be touched.