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Plan Booklet for 2 Drawer Cabinet


Build a wonderful heirloom quality cabinet that will bring beauty and function to your home for generations. The cabinet is perfect for storing paper, silverware or jewelry. It is designed to be made in an average home shop, without exotic tools.
The finished piece is 22" wide x 14" deep x 6-3/4" tall
A master cabinet maker guides you through each step of the process and gives tips and advice that will enrich and broaden your woodworking experience.

The book is not just a set of plans, the instruction booklet has many photos as well as crystal clear 3D renderings that show you every piece in detail and how they all fit together. Measured shop drawings are also included of course. There are sections with detailed descriptions and drawings to show you how to how to use the tablesaw to cut various woodworking joints.
Learning to make a small cabinet such as this will teach you a lot, when you are done you will be able to apply your skills to build many other projects as well.



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