Wooden Post with Garuda

Shop Post

Shop Post Wooden Post with Garuda

Here is the very first post from my shop. Actually it is one of two shop posts, made long before computers or smart phones.

But seriously, It is hewn by hand from white oak, The beams and struts that join to it are fixed with mortise and tenon joinery. I can see the tool marks they made when they worked it. It is strong wood and It has held up the roof of this barn for over150 years. It probably came from a tree that grew right here, and was worked by men who lived here as well. Wonderful to look at, and touch. As a craftsman I can feel the men who created it and I appreciate the skill and dedication that it takes to do what they did. I enjoy the history, and I feel my lineage as a woodworker as it stands here on the shop floor with me.

As you can see I have adorned it with a couple of saws, that like this barn are still ready for work, even after all this time. Also, it seems a good perch for Garuda, a Hindu deity, to lend his protection.

Find out about Garuda on Wikipedia


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