A Wonderful Tool

A Wonderful Tool

One of my most favorite tools, the hand cabinet scraper.
This tool is incredibly subtle, even elegant in its action. It is nothing more than a thin flat piece of of good tool steel, roughly the size and shape of  a file card. It cuts not with a honed edge like most cutting tools, but with a small burr of steel that is carefully shaped by stroking hard steel along the edge  of the scraper. This cabinet scraper will do things no other tool will do.

It excels with materials nothing else can handle. It will shave wafer thin wisps off the hardest, most swirly grained knot in a board, which nothing else will cut without tearing. And it will  level off a coat of lacquer,making it smooth as glass faster, better and easier than sanding; and it will not clog and has a long life.

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best.

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