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Contemporary Computer Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer with Drawer


This desktop organizer will lift your computer monitor placing it closer to eye height, keeping your head level for less fatigue while at the computer.
Providing both beauty and function this handmade painted wood computer monitor stand and desk top organizer with drawer will make you happy every time you sit at your computer.
Beautifully made from solid hardwood  and Cabinet grade  plywood this handmade wooden monitor stand is available in a wide choice of woods.

Measuring 15" Wide x 15" Deep x 6-1/2" tall this desktop accessory is big and sturdy enough for large monitors as well as TV's.
Featuring a 3" deep drawer and a 2" high space below to allow convenient storage of folders or note pads.

Other uses include organizing the clutter on your dresser, or bookshelf, wires can be routed into drawer from behind for a cell phone or iPod charging station.


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