Painted Rustic Barnwood

Rustic Painted Pine – Making Old Barn Wood From Scratch

Rustic Painted Pine – Making Old Barn Wood From Scratch Painted Rustic Barnwood

A client of mine wanted some shelves for his closet done in a rustic pine look, so I went shopping at several yards that specialize in reclaimed barn lumber. I saw some interesting wood to be sure. But most of it was very pricey at around $12 a square foot, that adds up quickly. The owner told me barn wood has gotten popular with the NY designers, so he is using NY prices. In addition to the cost to purchase the wood there is the time it would take me to make the rough, in some cases, very rough texture of the wood suitable for my project. This wood wil be touched and used every day so splinters and flaking will not do. This needs to be done carefully so as to preserve the rough appearance. I decided to make my own. Using regular #2 pine from a local lumber yard, cost $1 per square foot, and a methodical application of a number of layers of stain, clear lacquer and paint. I used a stiff wire brush and other tools to add texture to the wood, as well as wear away some of the newly applied paint. All to mimic the effect of age. Then the wood was sprayed with clear lacquer to make a nice protective surface.  

Rustic Painted Pine - Making Old Barn Wood

Rustic Painted Pine – Making Old Barn Wood

Painted Rustic Barn wood

Painted Rustic Barn wood

  It does take some time and effort, but it is a lot of fun too, and the results are well worth the effort. You can see some more of the process here:

Making a Rustic Pine Finish

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