Rustic Pine Shelving in Master Closet

Master Closet Make Over

Master Closet Make Over Rustic Pine Shelving in Master Closet

Changing Builders Flake Board Shelving for Something Unique and Wonderful

This is a nice size master closet in a beautiful home. But the builder of the home did not give much attention to the closet. He used very cheap materials and a very basic layout. The result was disappointing to the homeowner and not up to the standard set by the rest of the house.

My job is to make the homeowner love his closet.


The existing shelving was nothing more than painted flake board, hastily screwed together, the sort of thing you would find in a starter condo or apartment.  It was functional, but not very pretty to look at. It was out of place in this home and gave the owner no pleasure when he started his day.

Step 1. Rip it all out and start Fresh!

I was asked to make new shelving and some cabinetry with a rustic feeling. After checking out reclaimed barn wood, and other options. It was decided that I would use new wood,  common lumberyard pine, and give the new pine a rustic finish.
An interesting process. See it Here.

2015-02-21 09.45.40

Dressing Cabinet with Jewelry Tray & Drawers

Here is a tall cabinet that has several drawers for storing larger items, as well as a lift up lid that opens to a velvet lined jewelry tray.
The top 3 drawers are also velvet lined and have custom maple dividers of various sizes to sort jewelry and cuff-links.
They are fun to make. See more Here.

In the top photo you can see one of the custom wooden brackets made to support the shelves.

Jewelry Cabinet with Tray and Divided Drawers

A Cute Little Cabinet with a Secret

The nice thing about making truly custom cabinets is that since I start from scratch I can make things any way I choose. This little cabinet has angled open shelves and it also has a concealed drawer in the top, kind of fun.

Also the shelf above mimics the shape of the cabinet for a nice clean look. The angled shelves make walking into the back of the cabinet easier, and in a small way the closet feels bigger.

Other Features

Rustic Pine Shelving in Master Closet

There is a large shoe rack and lots of shelving to make the rest of the closet very functional as well as pretty. The goal was to provide lots of useful storage, and at the same time look and feel great, not cluttered.
This is what good cabinetry will do for a home.

Rustic Pine Shelving in Master Closet

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